Why Laravel is so popular Web Application Framework?

Why Laravel is so popular Web Application Framework?

Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, created by Taylor Otwell and intended for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller architectural pattern and based on Symfony. (Wikipedia). Due to intrinsic modular packaging system and easy customizations it helps in saving a lot of time

Laravel is famous for its fluent query builder with advanced PHP implementation. Laravel has an auto loading ?>facility which provides loading of PHP classes that doesn’t need any much maintenance and inclusion paths.

What is Laravel ?

Laravel is free, open source PHP web framework based on MVC architecture which makes it robust among other frameworks and it is well documented & easy to learn. Laravel was developed by Taylor Otwell in June 2011. The reason behind the development Laravel was to support the development of web applications which are utilizing the MVC model i.e. model view controller architecture design. Laravel tries to make normal tasks simple which are required in many web development projects like session, caching, routing, cookie and authentication. Laravel Application Development is one of the successful PHP frameworks because of accelerated development speed, extension ability and functionality. The following major functionality and feature of laravel make it popular among other frameworks.

Easy Migration

As the everything on Laravel are getting updated, A lot of web developers decide to go along with laravel .i.e who are currently working with CodeIgniter, Ruby ,Zend So the Laravel is designed based on easy migration from other frameworks.

MVC Architecture

Laravel is a MVC based web framework that ensure a well separation between client view and backend logics. As this is based on MVC architecture it provide many functionality like High performance, fast loading , increased security and scalability.


This is really an amazing feature in the Laravel, It is very similar to other framework implementations. Laravel allows you to route all your application request to its appropriate controller. The structure of route is very simple and it is registered inside web.php, Laravel offers the following route methods.

  • Route:: get($uri, $callback) ;
  • Route:: post($uri, $callback) ;
  • Route:: delete($uri, $callback) ;
  • Route:: put($uri, $callback) ;
  • Route:: patch($uri, $callback) ;
  • Route:: options($uri, $callback) ;

Authentication and Authorization

Laravel framework has a simple implementation for a complete authentication system Login, Registration, Password reset and much more. It also provides simple way to authorize user actions against q given resource . E.g. even though A user is authenticated, they may not be authorized to update or delete certain models or database records managed by your application.


Security is really an essential part of your web application to face with any potential threat. You should be careful that your users should not face any problems concerning the security features of application. Laravel protects you from SQL injection as long as you are using the Fluent Query builder or Eloquent. It also protects you from CSRF attacks, vulnerabilities and Cross site scripts.

Unit Testing

Laravel is built with testing in mind. Unit tests are tests that focus on very small, isolated portion of your code. It allows us to test model, classes, controllers. In unit test you test the correctness of given function or a method. And most amazing thing is that you can test a single piece of your code’s logic at a given time.

##Websites Built With Laravel This is list of five websites that are built using Laravel framework.


Since the initial release of the framework in 2011, Laravel has been popular rapidly. Many web developers are enthusiastic about this framework. On the one hand, It is relatively easy to learn, well documented and large community support and on the other hand you can develop large complex application with it.

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