20 Developer Portfolios to Inspire You [2021]

20 Developer Portfolios to Inspire You [2021]

Portfolio is really a trend now which can be used to showcases your best work, personality and talents. As well a portfolio helps you keep of all your your records which you have been achieved in your career. This article will show you some great portfolios of amazing people which will inspire you to improve and build your portfolio.

Are you stuck with portfolio designs?

Take a look at these 25 portfolios that will give you all the inspiration you need to create your own portfolio.

1.Bruno Simon

image.png bruno-simon.com - Creative developer living in Paris, freelancer, former lead developer at Immersive Garden, former developer at Uzik and teacher.

2.Jacek Jeznach

image.png jacekjeznach.com - Jacek is a Front-End Developer located in Poland who has a passion for UI effects, animations, and creating intuitive, dynamic user experiences.

3.Jack Mcdade

image.png jackmcdade.com - Jack design things, write code, create content, and dream of the 80s & 90s.

4.Josue Espinosa

image.png ejosue.com - Josue Espinosa a software developer residing in the US. He has had the experience of working with some big names like Yale University and Hewlett-Packard (HP)


image.png alexcalia.com - A Front-End Web Developer passionate about creating interactive applications and experiences on the web.

6.Brittany Chiang

image.png brittanychiang.com - Brittany Chiang is a software engineer who specializes in building (and occasionally designing) exceptional digital experiences.

7.Joshua Comeau

image.png joshwcomeau.com - Software developer. Makes stuff.

8.Robb Owen

image.png robbowen.digital - He is independent creative developer from Abergavenny, South Wales.

9.Fajar Siddiq

image.png fajarsiddiq.com - Fajar Siddiq is a publication about his entrepreneurship journey in tech & design. Members get access to a private newsletter and new content.

10.Ryan Warner

image.png ryan.warner.codes -Ryan is software engineer and interface designer. He specialize in rapidly building software companies and web applications.

11.Riccardo Zanutta

image.png riccardozanutta.com - Riccardo Zanutta, a 22-year-old Italian Freelance Front-end developer. He is a weird guy who likes making weird things with web technologies. He like to resolve design problems, create smart user interface and imagine useful interaction, developing rich web experiences & web applications.

12.Patrick David

image.png bepatrickdavid.com - He a developer and UX/UI designer based in Italy.


image.png adeolaadeoti.netlify.app - Adeola is a design minded front-end developer based in Lagos, Nigeria.

14.Jenny Johannesson

image.png jennyjohannesson.com - Jenny Johannesson is a web designer.

15.Marc Thomas

image.png mrcthms.com - Digital designer & front-end developer. Currently a design systems engineer helping people design better at InVision.

16.Sharon Yi

image.png sharon-yi.com - Sharon is currently working at Indigo as a Front-End Developer and the projects section on her website showcases the interactive and creative web development work that she’s capable of!

17.Robin Mastromari

image.png robinmastromarino.com - Robin Mastromari is a UI / UX Designer at HETIC

18.Matt Farley

image.png mattfarley.ca

19.Ashleigh Simonelli

image.png ashleighsimonelli.co.uk - Ashleigh is a backend developer, app developer, consultant and amature designer.


image.png adityavsingh.com - A Software Developer for BUILD UMass

Closing Thoughts 👋

Hopefully you’ve been able to find a bit of inspiration from the portfolios above. You no doubt realize that every developer has a unique style, established by spending countless hours creating their sites.

Which individual portfolio did you like more ?

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